Yashua Sanctuary

Yashua Sanctuary India

In India there is a separate registered charity administered by a group of trustees. The UK charity of the same name supports the work of the Indian charity.

'Yashua Sanctuary Childrens Home' was set up on 1st June 2004 in Goa to receive orphans under the age of 18 months. Yashua is the original Hebrew word for Lord.

On 10th September 2004 we received the first child of 'Yashua Sanctuary' Hope was 6 weeks old when she came to us with her mother. The mother came from a good background and was widowed at a young age bringing up two sons on her own. She became involved with a man who enticed her with black magic and consequently led her to become pregnant by him. The father was then intent on sacrificing the child to their god because the child was considered lucky and would lead him to wealth.

The mother not wanting this to happen yet equally not able to keep the child because her community would have rejected her was desperately thinking of a way out of her situation. She then met a Christian lady who began to help her and suggested that the child could come to us in Goa, a two day train journey from her village.

Current Plans

We have been concentrating our efforts in helping the tribal people of a remote poverty stricken area in Hyderabad. The nearest water supply was a long distance so we provided a bore well for the village people. Infant mortality and death in child birth is extremely high. The infants we have accommodated in Goa have come from this village. Young girls in India can be in danger of being killed especially in the older tribal areas which is why the home has been established in Goa to remove the girls from this danger.

Currently there are nine girls being cared for in India. With donations received we are able to house, feed, cloth and send the girls to school.